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Wellington / Te Whanganui-a-Tara

Residential Renovation.

Completed 2023.


Amongst the vibrant, slightly scruffy, and very cool streets of Newtown, this renovation transforms an old character villa into a modern yet historically sensitive home.  


The internal planning was reworked, merging spaces that no longer served their purpose whilst retaining the ornate characteristics of the original villa. With the homeowner’s special interest in all things oceanic, the bathroom was redesigned with a pale watery palette, reflected in the tiled pistachio nib, milk white walls, and stippled glazing to culminate in a soft, serene space. The vanity was handcrafted out of the old backdoor, which once stripped of it's many layers of paint, revealed itself to be a beautiful native timber. Hand routed vertical groves in the vanity face mimic the rhythm of the tiles behind. 

A subtle refinement of the entry, bedrooms and study completed this renovation, with carefully selected paintings by local artist Hannah Walsh giving depth and richness to the lofty 3.2m high walls. The culmination of work reflects the bringing together of old and new, creating an atmosphere that respects the past whilst embracing the comforts (and occasional chaos) of contemporary living.

Photography – Kate Glasson

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