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Wellington / Te Whanganui-a-Tara

Residential New-Build.

Under Construction. Completion 2024


Within the folds of a valley where houses peak through dense bush, and scrubs cling to steep cliffs, this new home confidently embeds itself into the hillside and amongst its leafy neighbors. Following the natural topography, this multi-leveled home accommodates three generations.


The design draws on both the complexities and joy found in multi-generational living.  Needing to be both inclusive and distinctly separate, the variety of spaces are designed to allow the family to easily come together or retreat as necessary. Thoughtful moves have been integrated to allow for the young and old(er) family members; an elevator from ground to third floor, separate private decks, and an observation space on the fourth floor that overlooks the everchanging  Wellington harbor.


Crafted to fit within a reasonable budget, and with the homeowner’s expertise in construction, it was natural for them to be actively involved in the build. From the initial excavation through to the final finishes, a hand crafted and extremely personal approach was applied. The deep-toned exterior recedes into its surrounds, and contrasts richly with the light-filled interior creating a humble yet refined home, built by and for the family for years to come.

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