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Nelson / Whakatū

Residential Renovation.

In Progress.


Pressed between steep cliffs and the rocky shoreline of Tasman bay is the aptly named Rocks Road, a thin but crucial link between Tahunanui Beach and Nelson City. A busy thoroughfare, but spectacular in its outlook across the water, quietly moored boats, and views beyond towards the western ranges. Elevated off the road, and nestled back against the cliffs sits a 1900’s-1930’s colonial villa, typical of early settlers to the Nelson region.


This renovation centers around the connection between the villa and the bay beyond, whilst retaining the original character of the house. A thoughtful extension of the ground floor unlocks a corner window seat, ladened with western sun, afternoon sea breezes, and enough length for both clients to read on (a key requirement). The kitchen sits adjacent, orientated towards the seascape, with a neutral palette that allows for the richness of the outside to command attention.


Through sensitive and humble design moves, and without tampering excessively, this renovation is set to embed seamlessly into the existing fabric and life of the home and owners.

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