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Stanley Point

Auckland / Tamaki Makaurau 

Residential Renovation.

Under Construction. Completion 2024


Near the quaint seaside village of Devonport, and set amidst the leafy suburb of Stanley Point, this renovation transforms a tired villa into a warm, open, and modern home. In sync with the homeowners’ personal transition into a new, relaxed phase of life the redesign seeks to add contemporary comforts to a much-loved family home.


Internally, the simple setback of one wall provides the necessary breathing space for a new kitchen – the heart of the house, and inevitable gathering space. This central space is marked with a quartzite island, heavy in mass but light in colour. Hugging the central island is a perimeter of dark smoked walnut joinery and brushed steel benches, a rich contrast to the pale tones of the stone. The joinery steps down seamlessly into a window seat, providing an alternative space to perch in the daily act of cooking, sharing, and dining.


The two bathrooms within the home are further transformed. The smaller one a palette of deep, sage mosaics and warm timber. Whilst the larger one reflects lighter tones, the pastel, almost washed-out pale blues of the Hauraki Gulf, emphasized through a bespoke stained-glass window that filters the space in an ephemeral glow. The resultant atmosphere is reminiscent of the many hours enjoyed on, around and in the waters of the Gulf.


A simple yet profound renovation to be enjoyed by the family for years to come.


Photography & Renders – in house

Kitchen and Cabinetry – Manolas Bros

Stone Island – Stone Warehouse

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